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Online Interview with Painter Tim Woolcock

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Today we had the opportunity to interview Tim Woolcock. He is a fundamental "Modern British" painter painting in the tradition of the 1950's. His works have been exhibited well and are in private and public collections worldwide. His art can be seen at various prestigious galleries. Please check Google for the most current results ;-)

MyHermosa: What is your socio-economic background?
Tim Woolcock: I was brought up in Lancashire in the 1950s and was encouraged to paint from an early age.

MyHermosa: When did you decide to become an artist?
Tim Woolcock: During my early twenties I commenced teaching and it was during this time that my main wish was to become a painter.

MyHermosa: Where  and how did you train?
Tim Woolcock: I trained at a Teacher Training college in Roehampton on the outskirts of London where I studied Philosophy and Art.

MyHermosa: What helped to shape you?
Tim Woolcock: Living in London afforded me the opportunity to spend a lot of time in museums and galleries and at this time combined with frequent trips to Paris I became fascinated with both European and latterly British painting especially of the Twentieth Century painters.

MyHermosa: How did you decide on your medium?
Tim Woolcock: I had always favoured painting in oils and during my career have never really used other mediums.

MyHermosa: What inspires you?
Tim Woolcock: Influences have included Picasso,Mondrian,Giacometti and Matisse. British twentieth painters I believe especially active from 1950 were often overlooked and Nicholson ,Scott and the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth had always encouraged me to move forward in my studio. As far as American painters are concerned Diebenkorn has inspired me in my work.

MyHermosa: How has your art been received?
Tim Woolcock: The Irish Government recently purchased an abstract work and I am beginning to show more regularly in Ireland as my studio is located in County Carlow one hours drive from Dublin.

MyHermosa: What are you presently painting / doing?
Tim Woolcock: At present I am concentrating on a one man show to be held next Summer in London at the Ransom Gallery-my third solo show at this gallery.I am increasingly working in oil on paper and have found the results satisfying.

I have been greatly influenced by Zen writers some who have said that the real aim of art is purposeless-not to be confused with a nihilistic approach-In Zen and The Art Of Archery it is said that in calligraphy strokes are made by the brush with perhaps the painter not fully being conscious of his or her efforts-I have found this to be true when painting-as if a certain effortless process is ignited where the self drops away
and a painting manifests without a painter.

The studio where I paint is located on a working farm in Ireland deep in the countryside and at times the raucous sounds from the rookery nearby can be a call to paint.

MyHermosa: What are your plans for the future?
Tim Woolcock: I have not exhibited in the USA but would welcome the opportunity.

<<-- End of our interview.

For more info about Tim Woolcock the famous art journalist Carol Cordrey, provided this copy of her article and a brief CV and exhibitions info was provided by Tim Woolcock here. We also received an email from the Office of Public Works in Dublin, Irland informing us that the painting  purchased was on display at the Department of Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht, 23-28 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.


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